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Holiday Stress? Fix with 1-Minute Meditation


Tis the season for holiday cheer, giving, singing… and holiday stress. When you’re feeling stressed or uptight, your muscles are rigid. You might feel the tension in your shoulders, jaw, chest, facial muscles, neck or elsewhere. Your thoughts may be negative. You may be worried, unsettled, impatient, crabby, unfocused… just not really you. Is this […]

Look Younger

nerium international

Can I tell you a story that’s mostly NOT about tai chi? Last summer, I got together with my former college roommate Pam. I hadn’t seen her in 20 years. Her skin looked frickin’ great! I wanted to know her secret, how her skin looked so youthful. To tell you the truth, I felt like […]

11 Scary Signs You’re Stressed Out

beware of doberman

Are you stressed out? Millions of people are. With all the racing around, crazy schedules, health issues that pop up, money problems, work demands, and such, it’s no wonder we get so stressed! Here’s the deal: Some stress is normal—even helpful. The stress-induced fight or flight response can save our lives. But excess stress–and I’m […]

Tai Chi Secret: Get Focused (Minus the Meanie)

A professional meanie is guaranteed to help you stay on task.

Ever have one of those days where you feel frazzled and distracted? You know, when it’s hard to buckle down and get anything done even though it’s crucial that you do? On those days, you find yourself muttering over and over that you seriously need to concentrate. You glance at the clock and see it morphing into […]

4 Sneaky Tai Chi Postures to Gain Confidence + Banish Annoyances


If you think that tai chi is namby-pamby, ho-hum or, worse, BORING simply because it looks so gentle, you’d better read on! Yes, tai chi is a moving meditation practiced by millions. Yes, it’s renowned for its health benefits, including relaxation, balance, strength, flexibility, etc. Yes, it’s super accessible to people of most any age or […]

My Weird Crazy Yoga Journey to Tai Chi

yoga journey to tai chi

Remember your first yoga class? How did it make you feel? Maybe you loved it right from the start. I didn’t. Mine sucked. But my first sucky yoga class led me on a journey to loving yoga–and discovering tai chi. My first yoga class was in a loft studio in downtown Minneapolis. Sunshine streamed through the […]

10 easy, healthy ways to enjoy summer

Spending time in nature is great for your health!

Talk about sweet: Summer has arrived! Yep, the veggies are growing in my garden, the strawberries are blossoming… and we’ve been eating fresh chives and kale. If you need any encouragement to get outdoors, whether you’re gardening or not, here it is: Go outside! Spending time in nature feels good and it’s great for your […]

5 signs your balance is going bad

I saw myself zipping around on skate skis. But that's NOT what happened.

There’s nothing like having grand ambitions for your athletic abilities – and then learning (the hard way) that the body isn’t up for it the way it used to be. Like that time I decided to take a 2-hour class so I could become a hotshot skate skier. For those of you who don’t live in […]

My balance story, plus a balance test for you


If you’re like many people, you may not think much about your balance. I know I didn’t–until I discovered I had a balance problem. Your sense of balance is incredibly important to your health and vitality. A strong sense of balance is key to moving with greater confidence and ease, whether you’re on the tennis court, […]

Tai chi: April schedule and location news


Here you go:  Our latest tai chi location and class schedule. Starting April 1 – no fooling!—you can join our tai chi classes at Hwa Rang Do, 5417 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis. This is just off 35W — Diamond Lake exit.  (Get directions.) Classes are Tuesdays at 7-8  p.m  and  Thursdays at 7-8 p.m. You’re going to […]