You and Keanu are invited!

Heads up to you and Keanu Reeves:  We are now teaching tai chi at The OM Collective in south Minneapolis. You’re both invited to swing by our classes, which are on Thursdays and Saturdays.

Why I’m inviting you

I’m inviting you because you are an awesome person, and we would love to do tai chi with you.

I don’t give a toot whether you’ve ever done tai chi before or not. I would love introduce you to tai chi. Please come on by!

Why I’m inviting Keanu

It’s because of Keanu’s new action movie, Man of Tai Chi.

man of tai chi movie posterDid you see the preview?


Lots of punching, kicking, whirling, punching and other moves drawn from the martial arts side of tai chi.

I figure that after all that kicking, whirling and punching, Keanu might be up for soaking up more of the health and mind-body benefits of tai chi. Like that wonderfully energized, relaxed feeling you get. (Apparently this is due to changes in your brain’s alpha and beta waves. )

So, Keanu, stop by next time you’re in Minneapolis.

Your turn

What movie are you itching to see and why? Leave a comment below!


Come do tai chi with us!

Join our tai chi classes, which give you a fresh, fun, easy-to-follow approach to the ancient martial art and health practice of tai chi. Yes, we weave in some qigong! Grab our schedule and other details.


  1. says

    If I were in Minneapolis I’d be there for sure. I only recently heard of Qigong + am thoroughly intrigued.
    PS…I am the biggest fan of The Last Air Bender – I just love how the Avatar moves so I’ll be making a point to see Man of Tai Chi too 😉

  2. lizscully says

    Well I worked in film doing exactly this sort of fx movie for years… so for me, I’ll leave the films and stick with the chi energy work. Much more rewarding. It’s something I’d love to do more of, shame you’re so far away

    • says

      Hey Liz – What.. you worked in film? Sounds glamorous! How nice to have that experience. Anyhoo, the chi energy work is indeed rewarding. Maybe you’ll find an opportunity for that closer to your home. :)

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