Boost your confidence in 2 minutes flat

Do you want to be more confident? Want to feel more effortlessly powerful?

If so, read on.

Because I’m going to reveal an EASY and FREE secret to turbocharge your power and confidence.

Not only will you feel more confident and powerful, others will perceive this in you, too.

Here <drum roll> is the secret:

Hold your body like you own all the space around you… and you use every inch of it.

Get big and expansive for 2 minutes

Stand tall, feet separated shoulder width. Arms wide. Chin up. Shoulders back. You might plant your hands on your hips.

While you’re at it, assume an expression of calm confidence. Add a smile and a twinkle in your eyes. You’re that assured, that at ease. 

Hold this posture of supreme, yet relaxed, confidence for two minutes.

You know you can take on the world. And when the world sees you looking like this, the world knows it, too.

Done with your posture for now?

Good. Take a moment to notice how you feel.

Research: the power of body language

How you hold your body makes a huge difference in how you handle stress and how others perceive you.

Classic "big" postures of power and victory.

Classic “big” postures of power and victory.

Big, expansive postures make you can feel and become more assertive, confident and comfortable. Big body language makes you feel big and strong.

Small, closed-in body postures, can make you stress reactive. Small body language makes you feel small and weak. (Don’t do this, k?)

According to researchers, we open up and stretch our bodies when we’re feeling powerful. We stand tall. Sit leaning back expansively. Chin lifted.

When we feel small, we make ourselves small, tilt our head and gaze down.

Researchers found that people who held high-power poses for two minutes increased their testosterone by 20 percent. Testosterone is associated with leadership and confidence*. At the same time, the participants’ stress hormone cortisol fell by 25 percent.

In other words, holding a power posture for two minutes made people feel more confident and relaxed. The study also found that these people were also perceived by others to be compelling, “more themselves” and more relaxed than people who held low-power postures.

People who held low power postures for two minutes dropped their testosterone by about 10 percent and increased their stress hormone level 15 percent.

Tai chi connection

The postures (like this)  in our tai chi  classes expand and open the body as we take up space.

Yep. While we’re building strength, toning muscle, gaining flexibility, improving balance, flowing and having fun, we are ALSO boosting our self-confidence and power.

Swing by this week for tai chi classes. You’ll gain effortless power and confidence, plus other renowned benefits.

Changing your body changes your life.

We’re looking forward to seeing YOU in class!


*If you’re a woman reading this, you might think that you don’t want to increase your testosterone too much. I mean, what if you start sprouting a beard… or worse?

All I can suggest is that you can check out the research yourself, which was conducted and reported by Amy Cuddy, an amazing woman who has no beard and does not seem to be worried about we women generating too much testosterone.

Your turn

What’s one way or place you can physically take up more space? Leave a comment below!

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    I love this idea – I think I saw a Ted talk about this once. I sometimes sneak into the Bathroom before I teach or give a talk and just stand there in a stall in a V pose:)

  2. says

    Wow how interesting! I need to take up more space in my bed so I stop waking up feeling like a sardine between 3 tiny but powerful little people 😉
    Don’t you worry though, I will be master this technique both standing + in my bed, Thank you x

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