3 ways to banish holiday stress

It’s crazy. You’d think that the holidays would be among the most exciting and joyous times of the year.

But you repeatedly hear about holiday stress. And no wonder.

Gifts, crowds, food, cleaning, decorating, shopping, parties and get-togethers, and the stress of fitting it all in with your everyday activities.

Wait just a darned minute!

Your life is waaay too precious to get caught up in the cycle of holiday stress.

Do yourself and me a big favor, k?

The next time you’re feeling stressed, try this:

Give yourself the gift of being  relaxed and present.

Give yourself the gift of being relaxed and present.

1.  Slow down your breath. Take a deep full breath in to the slow count of 5. Intentionally breathe into your  lower belly… you’ll feel it expand. Then exhale to the slow count of 5. Repeat five times.

Slow “belly breathing quiets your mind and body. It relaxes you.

2. Let something go. That’s right.

Do you really need to knock yourself out chasing the “ideal” of the perfect holiday?

Nope. Please don’t.

Maybe you simplify your schedule. Overlook a dust bunny. Purchase goodies instead of baking them. Ratchet down your holiday spending.

Far better for you to be happy, healthy and joyful.

3. Relax and be present. Enjoy the wonder and excitement of holidays by being fully you and fully present.

The best present you can give to yourself, to others and to the world is to be fully present and relaxed.

Your turn

What’s one thing you do to release holiday stress? Leave a comment below!

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  1. says

    I completely agree with #1 – it’s a shame that we take for granted the power of our own breath because boy oh boy it can literally save our lives when that anxiety and panic starts creeping in!

  2. ashdon88 says

    I love this! I was just reading about the breath and how it literally slows our thoughts down – it’s been proven! So cool! Great tips! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. says

    All very wise advice. I always do number 2, as we tend to add things to our lists that don’t need to really be there. We do them out of habit, not because we really find joy in them! I also make sure that I take time for me even if it is just making sure I always get my workout in!

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