10 easy, healthy ways to enjoy summer

Talk about sweet: Summer has arrived! Yep, the veggies are growing in my garden, the strawberries are blossoming… and we’ve been eating fresh chives and kale.

If you need any encouragement to get outdoors, whether you’re gardening or not, here it is: Go outside!

Spending time in nature feels good and it’s great for your health. Research has shown that spending time in natural settings reduces cortisol (a stress hormone), lowers pulse rate and blood pressure, and increases immune function.

We want you nice and healthy so you can live your fullest, most vibrant life ever! So here are 10 ideas for you to enjoy the blessings of summer while you soak up the health benefits of nature.

Spending time in nature is great for your health!

Spending time in nature is great for your health!

10 ways to enjoy summer (while soaking up juicy health benefits)

  1. Take a stroll through a forest or wooded area. This is called “forest bathing” in Japan, where it’s become a popular therapeutic practice
  2. Garden. Get your hands in the earth. Plant something and help it grow
  3. Go barefoot. Feel the grass and earth under your feet
  4. Do a standing meditation next to a tree
  5. Take a bike ride on a woodsy path or country road
  6. Lay on the grass and watch the clouds drift by
  7. Head to the beach. Feel the sand under you. Enjoy a swim
  8. Roll up your pants and wade in a stream
  9. Have a picnic with your favorite friends and family members
  10. Watch the sunset across a lake, garden or field

Bonus idea

   11. Do tai chi outside

When I do tai chi outside, I like to let my senses drink in nature: Feeling the grass and earth beneath my feet, breathing in the blossom-scented earth-air, letting the breeze and the sunshine kiss my skin, hearing the songs of robins, cardinals and sparrows. I like to keep my gaze softly focused on my predominantly moving hand.

Your turn

What’s your favorite way to enjoy summer? Leave a comment below.


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  1. says

    Great ideas, Marie! Some of these activities used to be my favorite things to do as a kid, but it’s sometimes hard to keep them in mind as an adult. We sometimes need PERMISSION to do them… to do nothing and ENJOY it!! :) I’m definitely gonna add cloud watching and wading in a stream to my list for this summer.

    Living in Florida, it’s hard for me to stand the humidity outdoors, but it’s always lovely to catch a breeze under a fan on my porch, or to sit outdoors with my feet in a shallow pool of cool water. Just remember to hydrate, and summer can be enjoyable.

  2. says

    Hi Marie, I loved your article. Very well organized and lovely images. I love the humor in your writing style as well as the term ‘forest bathing’. Thank you for the inspiration. May favorite way to spend summer is going for long walks and hikes and travel, being out in nature and near the water as often as possible. Will have great gardens again in my next home. With a warm summer breeze, xx Tanya

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