2013-08-05 19.29.50Mike Johnson is co-founder of Evergreen Fitness.

Mike is excited to be working with David-Dorian Ross, host of PBS’s Tai Chi: Health & Happiness (broadcast November 2012), author, and eight-time tai chi (taiji) U.S. national champion, to bring the first TaijiFit™ Experience classes to the Twin Cities as part of a national rollout beginning now.

Mike Johnson is a certified TaijiFit Instructor. He has studied tai chi since 1983 and taught tai chi since 2003, except (fortunately for his students) when he is shooting arrows from his longbow, playing the banjo, painting watercolors, sleeping, eating, and such. Mike studied under the world-renowned taiji champion Sam Masich.

Mike also studies and teaches taiji sword, modern fencing and medieval fencing. Mike holds a black belt in Shotokan karate, which makes typing, sipping coffee and eating soup awkward. (Ask him to put that belt down, puh-leaze!)

Mike is a former I.T. guy from waaay back. Before that, he was involved in a secret intelligence operation involving a monastery, cow pasture and—YES—the internet (albeit the great-granddaddy of the internet as we know it). Although of purely Swedish heritage, Mike has managed to become the proud grandfather of a boy named Finn.